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  • Unlimited Polls
  • Zapier integration (Soon!)
  • Notion Beta integration (Soon!)
  • Dashboard access
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  • Live Presentation Mode (Soon!)

Pollme Premium


Pollme PREMIUM subscription for individuals. Monthly billing.

  • All included in Pro, plus:
  • Custom API access
  • Remove Pollme brand
  • Custom Finish Message and Actions
  • Custom Redirects on Finish



For organizations that need additional control, custom integrations and support.


Can I use this for free?

Yep!! And even without a sign-up.
You can create a free account and access your poll dashboard. All your responses, poll builder details, settings, download your answers, integrate with external tools, and more, for free!

How do you handle payments?

We use Stripe (https://stripe.com/) for all payments and subscriptions handling. Pollme does not store any information about your payment method nor credit cards references. All payment flows are handled on Stripe ends to ensure a smooth and secure payment experience.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions are billed on a monthly or yearly basis, as your plan selection. You can cancel your subscription at any time, with no repercussions or any loss of information. The current plan and its perks will remain active until the expiration date.
You can cancel with a few clicks on your account settings.

Do you have a Poll or response limit?

No limits. You can create all the Polls you need without a response limit.

Diego Cortez, Pollme

Hi! I'm Diego!

I'm the builder of Pollme. I've been creating surveys for most of my professional life. This is my bootstrapped solution to create a tool to build Polls and Micro-surveys that is easy, flexible, and hackable enough to create custom integrations and flows you can use on a variety of situations. Now, Pollme is my go-to tool for my own solutions! More features are on the way! You can always find me at dcortez[at]pollme.app.

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