Zapier integration

A walkthrough guide to connecting your polls with the whole world through Zapier
Starting with Pollme


TL;DR: Connect your Pollme account with Zapier using the provided Pollme API KEY on your account Zapier integration section. That's it! Now you can use Pollme "New Poll responses" trigger when creating a new Zap.

Zapier connection

  1. Go to your account details
  2. On the Zapier integration section, open and generate new apikeys
  3. Go to your zapier account
  4. Create new connection. Search for Pollme.
  5. You will be prompted with your username and ApiKeys.
  6. Copy and paste your username and apikeys to integrate connect with zapier
  7. Ready! you can use Pollme / Zapier integrations

Create a new Zap

  1. On zapier, create a new Zap
  2. Use Pollme as trigger, and select "On new responses" action
  3. Select the poll you want to connect.
  4. Now you can connect with 1000+ services through Zapier!
Create polls, no tears.