Notion integration (beta)

Connecting your polls with Notion. Create a custom Pollme Integration for Notion
Starting with Pollme


TL;DR: Create a new integration on Notion, and copy the Internal Integration Token provided on your account. Then connect your individual Polls with your Notion databases.

Create new Notion Integration

  1. Go to your Notion integrations
  2. Create new Integration
  3. Name: Pollme, Upload logo.
  4. Select your workspace
  5. Submit!
  6. Copy your Internal Integration Token
  7. Paste the token on Pollme
  8. Save your token.
  9. Global integration ready! now to individual poll->databases connection

Connect your Poll responses to a Notion Database

  1. Open individual poll and go to settings
  2. Go to Notion integration, and paste your Notion workspace ID, for the workspace you want to connect. (Your database ID will look something like:[YOUR-DB-ID]?v=...)
  3. Save connection.
  4. Ready! Your integration is ready.
Create polls, no tears.