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With Pollme you can create your surveys in the easiest way. Forget those complex Google Forms buttons: we make them simpler.
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Pollme: An easier and nicer alternative to Google Forms

Compared to Google Forms, Pollme offers a multitude of advantages that make it stand out as the best option for creating online surveys.

With an intuitive and easy-to-use experience, Pollme is completely free and also has a Premium version for those looking for a more advanced experience.

Unlike Google Forms, we offer you the ability to further customize surveys, embed them on other websites, and ensure the privacy of user data.

So yes, we can say we are a superior and more comprehensive alternative to Google Forms for those looking for a reliable and secure online survey platform.

We are the easiest-to-use survey creation software on the Internet

The perfect tool for native and non-native digital users

Create surveys in just a few clicks and share them with your audience in seconds. The platform is so intuitive that you don't need any technical skills to use it.

Don't lose time logging in

Don't worry about creating an account and remembering passwords. Simply go to the homepage, create your survey, and share it with your friends or colleagues. It's as easy as that!

Pleasant to use

Pollme has a clean and modern design and a wide variety of templates and options so you can customize your surveys and make them more attractive.

Need to conduct surveys regularly? We got you!

Pollme is an incredibly useful tool if you need to create polls and surveys on a regular basis, as it offers the ability to monitor responses in real-time.

With this feature, you can get an overview of participants' responses in real-time, allowing you to adjust and improve your surveys while they are ongoing.

See how your participants behave and how much time they spend on each question. Tailor your polls and surveys to their needs and preferences and measure their effectiveness to get better results.

Real-time monitoring helps you get a clearer and more accurate picture of your participants and enables you to make informed decisions based on the data you collect.

Pollme protects your data

We’ll always care about your privacy and security.

Both survey creators and participants can be assured that their data is protected at all times. The platform complies with the highest standards of online security, meaning that all information is encrypted and securely stored on protected servers.

Furthermore, Pollme ensures that only participants who have been invited to participate in the survey can access the information they provide.

This means that survey creators will not have access to participants' personal information unless participants decide to share it. This way, we ensure data privacy and protect our users from possible security risks.

Work it like a pro

Pollme is a completely free online survey platform for all its users.

However, if you are looking for a more advanced experience, we also offer a Premium version. This will provide a wider range of additional features that allow users to customize their surveys and get an even more complete experience.

Embed your polls

With Pollme's paid version, you can embed your surveys on other websites quickly and easily. This functionality is especially useful for those who want to reach a wider audience and have a greater reach with their surveys.

Fully customized surveys.

Choose from a variety of themes and designs to customize the look of your polls surveys. With the Premium version, you can create more attractive and professional surveys that perfectly fit your needs.

Create polls, no tears.